Just as you would accessorise an outfit, your home needs embellishing too. It’s essential to layer decor in order for a space to reach its full potential. You will of course start with the bones and structure of each room with fixtures, fittings and furniture. Then it’s time to add the finishing touches that pull the scheme together and that’s when the fun starts! So here are my 5 interior decor must-haves to style your home.

5 interior decor must haves to style your home
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1. ART

Art in the home brings so many aspects. Colour, inspiration, interest, adornment, fun, mood… I could go on. And who wants bare walls? The sky’s the limit as to how you display your art, from the frames, to the colours, gallery walls, to large statement pieces.

teal wall with gallery of quirky prints

*Maximalist geometric print from Society 6.

Choosing art to fit in with your colour scheme gives the room a cohesive feel like this forever eclectic print in my living room.

Close up of pink and teal room with quirky lady print on wall above feather lamp.

There’s a great choice of affordable art prints available online. I bought this fab *ink Lips print from Society 6.

5 interior must haves to style your home

The art on your walls doesn’t always have to be a picture. You can add other decorative items as I’ve done with the cheese plant leaf above.

And you don’t necessarily have to put pictures on the wall. they can be eye-catching, propped on a piece of furniture as part of a vignette, like on my porch shelf below. I’ve even tucked this *Creole Queen print and typography print behind a 3d leaf effect that I created with the wallpaper.


Plants are so important in the home, as not only do they look good, but they also purify the air by absorbing toxins from household items and products. I like to have a mixture of real and faux.

bird of paradise plant in belly basket next to edge of dining table.
satin pothos plant in gold hanging planter next to quirky print in porch

Fresh cut flowers add scent and life to a room…

5 interior must haves to style your home

where as artificial bouquets add colour and lasting interest like this gorgeous blush *peony bouquet.

gold tray on table containing marble vase of blush peonies, candle, and marble coasters


Soft furnishings give your home comfort and texture. Layers of cushions, throws, and *soft bedding can take a space from basic to luxury.

slat wall backdrop to bed with teal headboard and blush duvet cover
Teal velvet corner sofa in blush living room

Layer floors with rugs to create warmth and pattern.

5 interior must haves to style your home


Use lighting in your home to give different options, create different moods, and add decoration.Placing lamps in all areas and corners of your rooms create cosy pockets.

ostrich feather lamp on glass side table

These coloured lights over my kitchen island are not only practical but also make a statement.

5 interior decor must-haves to style your home


Mirrors shouldn’t be used for practicality alone. They bring light and style into your home. Use mirrors in a small or narrow room as I’ve down below in my downstairs toilet to give the illusion of space. Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles to tie in with your interior design scheme.

My hallway oversized mirror serves as a wow-factor focal point.

5 interior decor must haves to style your home

And a perfect place to feature a mirror is above a fireplace.

Louis fire surround with gold sunburst mirror above and quirky ornaments

Featuring these 5 interior decor must-haves will take your space up a level and make your house a home.

5 interior decor must haves to style your home


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