Unless you’ve been living on another planet for the past few years, you’ll know that artificial flowers (and plants) are back, and playing a major part in today’s interior design schemes.  And lucky for us all they are far superior to their 70’s counterparts!   So much so, that it’s sometimes difficult to tell them from the real thing.  So why not make your own artificial flower arrangement to accessorise your home.

I’m always looking at ways of being creative and doing things on the cheap for the same end result, and buying an artificial flower arrangement in a vase can be pricey. I also often have an idea in my head, or see an item in an interiors book or online that I can’t source anywhere, so I then try to create something similar myself.

artificial orchids arranged in a glass vase with text overlay

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What You Will Need

Ikea do a great range of glass vases in all different shapes and sizes. I bought 3 of their Rectangle Vases for £15 each, along with a few pots of crushed glass for £1.75 each. Unfortunately these are no longer available. When I’m looking for individual faux flowers, my go to place is Dunelm. They have a lovely, reasonably priced collection. I bought 9 of their artificial cream orchid stems (unfortunately no longer available).

rectangle square vase with artificial white orchid laying in front of it

Tip – Attach one of these sprays to your real orchids when they are not in bloom.

How To Make Your DIY Artificial Orchid Flower Arrangement

I filled the vases about a third of a way up with the crushed glass, and then pushed 3 orchids into each of them, spaced equally across. If you have trouble getting the flowers to stand up, take them out again, and either add more crushed glass, or make the crushed glass into a mound in the area where you are putting the flower.  Push the stem in quickly and straight.  Try to make the arrangement in the area you are keeping it, otherwise the flowers might fall out of place if the vase is moved.

artificial orchid being arranged in a glass vase

And there you have your own, one of a kind, artificial flower arrangement to brighten up your home. If you prefer the real thing, or like to mix things up as I do, then check out my post on orchid care here.

artificial orchid stems in a rectangular glass vase

I arranged my 3 artificial flower displays on my bathroom windowsill.

orchid stems in 3 rectangular glass vases on windowsill

You can experiment with a range of faux flowers and vases to create all sorts of different looks. Here are the orchids in a cylinder vase.

orchis stems in a cylinder glass vase on a kitchen worktop

Get the look even cheaper by hunting for your items in charity shops. You can see some of my charity shop finds here. If you enjoyed this post, take a look at my DIY artificial bouquet. Happy flower arranging!


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