I really wanted some leopard baubles to embellish my DIY mini Christmas tree. After looking online I found they were all a bit pricey. So I decided to have a bash at making my own budget DIY Leopard print Christmas decorations.

Gold leopard print Christmas baubles hanging on a black tree with text overlay
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They were so cheap and easy to create. Anyone can do it! Here’s how you can make your own leopard print ornaments.

You Will Need:

Flat lay of gold baubles, sharpie pen, glitter and brushes.

DIY Matt Leopard Print Christmas Bauble

Take a matt bauble and hold it firmly. Draw a leopard spot outline with the Sharpie onto the bauble. 

Someone drawing a leopard spot on a gold Christmas bauble

Colour in the outline. Leave a space and start on your next random spot until the bauble is covered. Don’t worry about being precise. Leopard spots are individual and random. So that’s the look you need to go for!

You can always practice on a piece of paper first.

Someone colouring in a leopard spot on a gold Christmas bauble

Leave fairly equal spaces in between each spot. But again, you don’t need to be exact.

Gold Christmas bauble with a leopard print design

Hang on your tree to dry.

DIY Shiny Glitter Leopard Print Bauble

Colour the leopard spots as per the instructions for the matt baubles.

Paint some PVA glue into the centre of each spot and sprinkle with glitter. Give a little shake and hang on the tree. When dry dust the excess glitter with a dry brush.

Someone decorating a gold Christmas bauble and painting PVA glue on
Someone decorating a gold bauble by sprinkling glitter onto it
A shiny gold bauble with a glitter leopard print design

The mix of the matt and shiny ornaments along with some plain glitter ones creates interest.

leopard print gold Christmas baubles

I displayed my DIY leopard print Christmas decorations on my DIY mini Christmas tree.

Gold leopard print Christmas baubles hanging on a black tree

The baubles are part of my porch festive decor.

Gold leopard print Christmas baubles handing on a black tree

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