This has turned out to be one of my favourite festive decorations and it was done on the cheap and easy to create! I must confess the tree was my mom’s idea which she first made for her home a couple of years ago, but it was so good that I had to make my own DIY mini Christmas tree and share on the blog.

Entryway Christmas decorations with mini tree to the right and text overlay.

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This tree decoration is ideal for any home. It can be made as an addition to your current decoration, or as a space saving main tree. It’s ideal to display in porches, entryways and dining rooms. You can also modify the size to make smaller for a table top Christmas tree by breaking off the bottom branches and sawing off the bottom of the trunk.

To Make Your DIY Mini Christmas Tree

For your DIY mini Christmas tree you will need a branch from a yucca plant flower spike. You could also use any other tree branch if you can’t get hold of a yucca.

yucca flower spike branch leaning against stairway.

The branch has lots of perfect ‘bauble hooks’ where the original flower blooms were attached.

close up of yucca flower spike branch

What You Will Need To Make Your DIY Mini Christmas Tree

You will need:-

flatlay of black spray paint, gorilla glue and a flat drill bit on pink background

Spray your yucca branch with the spray paint. I chose black for a classy look that will contrast well with anything. Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area and wear a mask. I always spray paint outside.

Instructions To Make Tree Base

  1. Saw 4 pieces of plywood approximately 7″ square. 
  2. glue the 4 pieces of the plywood together by sandwiching them on top of each other using Gorilla glue.
  3. Screw the pieces together from the bottom of the base to make extra secure. Make sure the screws are the right length so they don’t come through the top of the base.
  4. Leave square or jigsaw to make the base round (it doesn’t have to be perfectly round. The more rustic, the better!).
  5. Measure diameter of branch base and drill a hole using an appropriately sized flat bit drill. Only drill part way into the centre of the plywood. Do not drill down to the very base. I used a 22mm sized flat bit drill.
  6. Glue the branch base into the hole with Gorilla glue and leave to dry.
  7. Spray paint to match your mini tree and leave to dry.
yucca flower spike branch painted black and mounted on a plywood stand in hallway
plywood mini Christmas tree base
black round plywood mini tree base
bottom of plywood base with screws in
bottom of plywood Christmas tree base with screws in

I decorated my DIY mini Christmas tree with my DIY leopard print baubles and displayed it in my porch as part of my entryway Christmas decorations.

entryway Christmas decorations with mini Christmas tree to the right
close up of leopard print baubles on a section of a mini Christmas tree with porch decor in the background

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