In my bathroom makeover part 1, I mentioned I’d be doing a second blog post to look in more detail at the accessories I used to style it. Just as you would finish off an outfit with accessories, you need to do the same for a room. Doing so adds texture, colour, pattern, light, storage and interest. This is the fun part in my opinion. I love bringing a room to life with my accessory obsession. So read on for the lowdown on my master bathroom accessories.

master bathroom accessories
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My favourite area of the bathroom is the vignette centred around this dreamy *’Inner Garden’ print from Society 6. It compliments the teal walls beautifully and the blush flowers tie in with the other pink accents in the room.

Luxury Teal Master Bathroom Part 2 (The Accessories)

The *black macrame hanging planter  on the left was from Amazon. The gold plant pot is from H&M, and the trailing fern (no longer available). This frames the print beautifully and breathes some life into the space.

The hanging jar lights on the right (unfortunately no longer available), inject some atmosphere into the dark and cosy room. If you do buy these, ensure the corks lids are pushed tightly in and give the plastic hook some kind of reinforcement. I did both of these things after reading the reviews. Another thing I did, to hide the battery pack, was to wrap an *artificial ivy garland around it from Dunelm.

To adorn the marble worktop, I used a *gold mirror tray to group some items together: the gold palm leaf hurricane, the Hendricks bottle with a *Eucalyptus spray from Dunelm, and the crocodile candle holder that I actually won in an Instagram giveaway!

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Not forgetting (as it’s on it’s own) the fabulous quirky gold lips trinket box from H&M.

On the other side, I added a jar of black matches next to my lady bust (a Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen one that I’ve had for aaaaages), and because you shouldn’t take your home decor too seriously, I propped this ‘Sexy Beast’ sign up against it. This was from Asos, but unfortunately no longer available.

When styling your home, choose pretty storage, as I’ve done with this *gold cotton bud jar, *gold cotton wool holder, (both from Ebay) and gold storage basket from H&M.

As I mentioned in the bathroom makeover part 1, I couldn’t justify changing up all the hardware from chrome to brass, so I focused on the fittings that I could change to introduce gold accents and detract from the chrome. I fitted a new gold *toilet roll holder from Amazon, and the fabulous brass smoked glass wall lights from Made which I love!

Not only do they look beautiful, they are a must have light source when applying make-up at the vanity. Another useful feature that we fitted when first renovating the bathroom, was a heat-pad behind the mirror. It switches on with the wall lights, to prevent it from steaming up.

Master Bathroom Teal Makeover Reveal - Part 1

I chose the glam smoked glass soap dispensers from Beaumonde to tie in the with the wall lights (no longer available but I’ve found an alternative soap dispenser). And the luxurious blush towels are from Next. No longer available, but here are some alternative *blush towels for you.

This glam candle from H&M is unfortunately no longer available, however, they have a gorgeous selection of alternatives!

To detract away from the TV, I added some art work around it with this attention seeking ‘Listen to Me’ print by Andrea Castro and decorative succulent plaques from Dunelm, along with a gold arrow (both no longer available) plus a glitter rose garland for good measure!

Luxury Teal Bathroom Makeover Reveal - Part 1

Baskets are great to use as bins and this *boho fringed one from Dunelm was the perfect size for my bathroom.

I added a *faux fern to the corner of the bath (no longer available but link gives alternative), and a gold accent *’inhale exhale’ print from Society 6 propped up against the tiles in a *gold frame from Ebay. The adorable gold ‘rubber’ (it’s not rubber) brass duck was from Dunelm, but unfortunately no longer available.

The Amaranthus spray and gold horse vase are unfortunately no longer available.

I’ve had the gold elephant which was from Homesense for a few years. The cute Gin and Tonic cactus candles were from Next, but unfortunately no longer available, resting on a *grey ridged resin tray from Dunelm.

My clever mom made this on-trend macrame wall hanging for me. I used it to break up the expanse of tiles at the end of the bath.

And lastly (breath), in my list of master bathroom accessories, you can pick a similar Get Naked’ bath mat, up from Next!

Phew, that was more accessories than I thought!

If you watch my Instagram stories, you’ll know I struggled with getting good pics due to the lack of natural light in my bathroom. So I hope they do it justice!

I’d love to hear what you think of my bathroom in the comments below, and to hear about what accessories you have or would like in your bathroom.