When we renovated our living room I wanted a sideboard to store and hide the TV paraphernalia, rather than a generic entertainment unit. I also needed to rein in the renovation budget so I decided to get my DIY head on and create a mid century glam upcycled sideboard.

pink room with geometric wallpaper border on which is a The Frame TV under which is a black mid-century sideboard with black and gold triangle decoration on the frontages, on a parquet floor.

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To create this upcycle you will need:

I bought a retro Schreiber sideboard from eBay which was the perfect size for our requirements. 

Schreiber mid century wooden sideboard on a parquet floor.

Firstly, Andy planed the inset handles so they were flush with the rest of the frontages. I painted the outside of the sideboard with *French Chic Paint in ‘Loof’ from their Lazy range, which requires no prep, then I added some gold paint detail to the inset edges of the door and drawers.

wooden drawer frontages with inset handles planed off.
mid-century sideboard painted black.

To tie in with the geometric theme in my living room, I drew a random pattern made up of triangles on a sheet of MDF, the same size as each frontage, leaving a gap in-between each triangle. I also made sure there was a triangle to fully cover the planed handles. I numbered each triangle so as to remember what order to stick them onto the frontages. Andy then cut the triangles out with a circular saw.

sheet of MDF with triangles drawn on.
cut out triangles of MDF with numbers and letters pencilled on them.

Next, I gave the shapes a light sand around the edges to neaten them up, (making sure all dust was cleaned off) then placed each one onto the sticky back vinyl, drew around them, then cut out the vinyl. I then stuck the vinyl to the front of each triangle, doing most of them in black with a few random gold ones. I painted the edges of each triangle with the Frenchchic paint to match it with the vinyl. 

pair of scissors and roll of gold sticky back vinyl

I then stuck the triangles to the frontages with the Gorilla Glue leaving gaps in-between each one.

hand holding a triangle shape onto a sideboard door frontage to stick it on.

When applying the triangles, I decided to omit some of the pieces. This created a more interesting look.

close up of black and gold sideboard topped with ornaments and a trailing plant.

I glammed up the sideboard legs by applying some gold sticky back vinyl around the base to give the illusion of a metal finish. 


mid-century wooden sideboard tapered legs.


mid-century sideboard close up of drawer decorated in black and gold triangle shapes with black and gold tapered legs.

I lined the drawers and shelves with wallpaper that matched with the panel around my walls. 


Schreiber sideboard open drawer.


Sideboard open drawer lined with teal and gold geometric wallpaper.


Inside the cupboard of a mid-century sideboard.


Inside the cupboard of a mid-century sideboard with shelves lined with teal and gold geometric wallpaper with TV boxes and catalogues on shelves.

To finish off the sideboard I added some marble and gold handles from Etsy.

Close up of round white marble handle with a gold partial edge.

We fitted our TV sound bar just above the sideboard, so that it looks part of the piece of furniture and isn’t noticeable. We found out how to operate our V6 box through the door with the remote here (just scroll down to the 6th comment). We also fitted a fan in the back so the cupboard doesn’t overheat. With the wire from the TV hidden in the wall, all of our electrical entertainment devices are invisible!


pink room with geometric wallpaper border on which is a The Frame TV under which is a Shrieber wooden mid-century sideboard, on a parquet floor.


pink room with geometric wallpaper border on which is a The Frame TV under which is a black mid-century sideboard with black and gold triangle decoration on the frontages, on a parquet floor.

I’d love to hear what you think of my mid century upcycled sideboard in the comments below, and if you’ve created any of your own!


 Love Cara x



before and after of wooden Schreiber mid-century sideboard. Upcycled in a black and gold geometric design with text overlay.

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