Do you have a space or room in your house that isn’t being utilised to its full potential? You know, the kind that always ends up being filled with clutter, junk or dust. Transforming an area of your home into a useful place can make your life easier and happier. Think of the under stairs shoe graveyard turned home office, an unloved nook now a reading corner, an unused box room made into a walk in wardrobe. The possibilities are endless. So read on for my multi function room design ideas.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life and the place you spend most of your time so make every inch of it work for you.
Turning our smallest bedroom into a craft/yoga room has been a game changer. I use it nearly every day and I freakin love it!

Corner shot of room decorated in soft green, blush, and leopard print with Text Overlay saying Craft/Yoga Room Reveal.

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Our smallest bedroom was my granddaughter’s for when she stayed over but as she grew older it was hardly used. Meanwhile, yoga flows were practised in the living room, where I frequently collided with furniture and such like, whilst our kitchen was the place to get decimated with my DIY projects, and that’s after rifling though cupboards and loft space trying to locate numerous items of craft paraphernalia.

It makes no sense to leave a room spare whilst at the same time creating chaos in other spaces that aren’t fit or meant to be used for these purposes.

Room Before

This was the room once I cleared out all of the furniture.

Before shot of room as a children's bedroom with a fairy mural on the wall.

As two of the walls in the room are outside walls with no cavity, we decided to use insulating wallpaper as we had done in the living room.

Wall with insulating wallpaper.

We had a box of the parquet flooring left over from the living room so I ordered another one which was enough for this small area. I need durable flooring for when I’m crafting and a firm surface for Yoga so the LVT is perfect.

Herringbone Parquet flooring.

Andy fitted shelves on the craft side of the room to hold storage containers that I bought from Ikea for all of my bits and bobs. I pimped up the shelves with some leopard print wallpaper and sprayed the brackets gold. I used the same paper to upcycle some Ikea drawers that I bought from Facebook Marketplace.

Craft Side Of Multi-Function Room

Worktop and shelves with craft storage boxes decorated in a soft green blush, and leopard print.
Blush craft storage boxes and organisation on Leopard print and gold shelves with a soft green background.
Close up of blush craft storage boxes and organisation on Leopard print and gold shelves with a soft green background.
Close up of drawers covered in leopard print wallpaper.

I wanted a calm and soothing colour for the room and plumped for Tranquil Dawn by Dulux which I’ve had a thing for since it was colour of the year in 2020. To add interest and layers to the room I painted a freehand mural on part of the wall. This also created focal points for balancing yoga poses.

Here’s another before view.

Before shot of girl's bedroom

And here’s what it looks like now. The picture above the shelving was the first thing I bought for the room. It was from Sainsbury’s and gave me inspiration for the decor.

Tip – When painting a mural, use tester pots to save on money and wastage.

Yoga Side Of Multi-Function Room

Hand painted tropical mural in soft green, blush, and leopard print next to ladder shelf containing yoga blocks and dumbbells with tropical print and hanging planter above.

And of course in my usual style, the mural made its way up onto the ceiling!

Ceiling shot of handprinted tropical mural in green blush and leopard print next to dusty pink tassel lampshade.
Close up ceiling shot of handprinted tropical mural in green blush and leopard print next to dusty pink tassel lampshade.

The worktop is an off cut that Andy had left over from a job. I stuck some mirror tiles beneath it so I can check my form when doing yoga poses.

Wood effect worktop with sewing machine on top and shelf with craft items above.
Reflection in mirror tiles of woman in yoga outfit on yoga mat doing the splits.

Accessories In Multi-Function Room

We fitted  shutters at the window to match the living room, and I painted the radiator the same colour as the walls. I styled the window sill with tissues, a gorgeous candle from Swoonworthy Scents, a pink yoga sculpture and a pink fluted planter from Ikea with a Chinese money plant.

Close up of box of tissues and luxury candle on soft green windowsill.
Close up of section of plantation shutters with fluted planter and pink yoga sculpture on window sill.

I made a couple of DIY accessories. A blush tassel lampshade for the ceiling light and some wire words ‘Get Shit Done’ for the wall on the craft side.

Dusty pink 3 tier tassel lampshade in soft green room.
Corner of desk in soft green, blush, and leopard print decorated craft room with shelves, sewing machine, and black wire wall words saying 'Get Shit Done'.

The gorgeous gold and blush swivel chair was from Cult Furniture (unfortunately no longer available). The style fits in perfectly with the room and the wheels and swivel function are ideal for when I’m crafting.

After shot of newly decorated craft & Yoga multi function room in soft green, blush, and leopard print.
Blush velvet swivel chair with brass legs.

I popped a handy belly basket under the desk, as storage for my yoga blanket and cushion, both tying in with the decor of course. And on top a cute leopard coaster from *Rob and Lip.

Flatlay of blush coaster with a painted leopard next to leopard print pad and pen.
Corner of craft room with pin board, shelves, and worktop with belly basket containing cushion and blanket underneath.

I added a ladder shelf for my yoga blocks and dumbbells with a few accessories mixed in. The Namaste print was from *Bee Tee Design. I’ve had the meditating giraffe for a while and I sprayed it gold and the artificial plant was from Ikea. 

White ladder shelf with 'Namaste' text print, blush pant pot and yoga blocks, gold yoga giraffe ornament and dumbbells.

Andy has always been against painting the oak doors in our house. With some persuasion I managed to talk him into letting me paint just the one side of this one door. As you can see, it stuck out like a sore thumb.

This was the door before painting it.

Before shot of oak door in green, blush, and leopard decorated wall mural.

And this is it after. It now blends in seamlessly with the rest of the room.

How to create a multi-function room.  Door painted in soft green to match with wall and painted mural. Half craft area, and half yoga area.

See More On Instagram

You can see the makeover from beginning to end in my Instagram highlights, Craft/Yoga Room Part 1, and Craft/Yoga Room Part 2. Follow me on Instagram for real time updates on my interior capers.

Corner of craft room decorated in soft green, blush, and leopard print with shelves, sewing machine, and swivel chair. Craft & yoga room makeover using calming decor of blush, sage green, teal, and leopard print. Craft corner with storage organisation, sewing machine and desk.

I’ve created a room that’s not only beautiful, but useful too, in so many ways! I’d love to hear what you think of my multi-function room design and if you’re inspired to utilise the unloved spaces in your home.

Let me know in the comments below!

Women doing EPK 1 yoga pose on yoga mat with tropical mural in background and ladder shelf with dumbbells.




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