I’ve just finished a makeover of our kitchen diner. However, before sharing it with you here on the blog, I want to take you back to when we first bought our house in 2013 and the major works of our open plan kitchen renovation.

open plan kitchen renovation with dining table, blue gloss cabinets, island, coloured ceiling lights and coloured dining chairs.

Kitchen Before

So, let’s start at the beginning of our renovation journey. Here’s the Estate Agent’s picture of how the kitchen looked before. I apologise in advance for the poor quality of most of the images in this post!

kitchen with blue and green tiles, blue floor tiles, wooden frontages, black worktop and green walls.

This is the part of the kitchen where our table and chairs are now. 

The old kitchen was ripped out and two steel beams were fitted before knocking down the wall through to two separate storage type rooms on the other side. This created a large open plan space.

kitchen with blue floor tiles, green wall, and blue and green wall tiles, in process of being renovated with ripped out cupboards.

Major Building Works

room at part renovation stage with acrow props and lintel.

The area was literally ripped apart and resembled a building site. The ceiling part of the old kitchen had to be ripped out as the bathroom floor above had previously flooded.

kitchen ceiling with joists exposed during building works

You’re surprised aren’t ya? I told you it was bad!

This is a view after the wall was removed. The ‘old’ storage rooms I mentioned are to the left and the ‘old’ kitchen to the right.

open plan kitchen renovation at building stage with bare brick walls

We reconfigured the roof in the galley part of the kitchen to incorporate three skylights and allow more light into the room.  The single skim walls in what was the storage rooms were insulated with breeze blocks to bring them in line with building regulations.

We converted the garage into a downstairs toilet and utility room which you can see through the doorway in the pic below. 

open plan kitchen renovation with concrete block walls and roof joists with skylights.

The window area on the left in the above image is the latest space I’ve given a refresh. You’ll have seen this in my Instagram stories if you’ve been watching.

We had a concrete pad pumped into the room to create cohesive, stable flooring.

open plan kitchen renovation with concrete block and brick walls and newly poured concrete floor.

The concrete floor was then covered with insulation board.

room in midst of renovation with building materials and equipment

Underfloor Heating

Next we installed underfloor heating and the electrics were fixed as per the plans for the kitchen design. 

open plan kitchen renovation in midst of building works with electrical cables on breeze block walls and underfloor heating tubing on floor.

Screed was then applied on top of the underfloor heating to conduct and contain the heat.

open plan kitchen diner renovation in midst of building works with bricked up door and floor screed.

The electrics for the spotlights were installed before the ceiling was boarded.

Kitchen renovation in progress with exposed roof joists and electrical wires for spotlights

Magnet Fitted Kitchen

When the majority of the building works were complete, it was time for the exciting part to begin. Andy fitted our Magnet Fusion kitchen in blue. A specialist company manufactured and installed our quartz worktop.

open plan kitchen renovation with fitted kitchen in progress with run of high gloss blue frontages and island white quartz worktop.
fitted kitchen in progress with run of high gloss blue frontages and white quartz worktop.
fitted kitchen in progress with run of high gloss blue frontages and white quartz worktop.

The appliances were installed not long after this and were a welcome change from the makeshift kitchen we had set up in the utility room!

Quartz Floor Tiles

After months of walking on dusty concrete it was wonderful to have the grey quartz floor tiles laid! We were also having other areas of the house tiled too. My memory of that time was being constantly cold as the tilers were in and out all day and left the doors open.

floor in progress of being tiles with grey quartz tiles.

Open Plan Kitchen Renovation – After

I decorated the room taking inspiration from the bright colours of our table and chairs and our open plan kitchen renovation was complete.

kitchen diner with table and different coloured chairs next to an island with silver bar stools and coloured ceiling lights.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, the kitchen has recently undergone a makeover that’s more cohesive with the rest of the house and to my current style and taste. 

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