As I gave my porch a makeover this year, I thought it only right to treat it to some new Christmas decorations. I haven’t gone mad as the space is already fairly maximalist, but I’ve sprinkled some fairy lights and added some festive touches to welcome my guests with my entryway Christmas decorations.

door with gold bauble wreath opening into a hallway with a Christmas garland on the stairway with text overlay
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For the corner of the porch, I tied some teal and pink glass baubles together with some gold curling ribbon. I bought the baubles from a local garden centre. If you watch my Instagram stories, you will have seen that my first attempt in hanging them from the ceiling ended in disaster. I used a command hook to attach the string of baubles to the ceiling. The baubles proved too heavy for the small hook and I lost half of them as the whole thing smashed to the ground. 

A small screw hook for my second attempt faired much better in the strength department.

wall print with hello light above and pink and teal glass baubles hanging to the left

I hung some fairy lights at the back of the baubles to show them off.

teal and blush pink hanging bauble Christmas decoration

To compliment my home decor, I chose a teal and blush colour palette with a mixture of designs to create interest.

teal and blush pink Christmas hanging decoration next to a plant in a gold planter

I carried the warm twinkling fairy lights on over my feature wall print, inside the bamboo lantern and around my DIY mini Christmas tree which is decorated in my DIY leopard baubles.

Christmas decorations and mini tree in entryway

On the opposite side of the porch, I suspended 2 black glitter paper stars in front of the glass partition windows and propped a star light on the coat hook shelf. I bought this from Next last year, but you can get a similar one *here.

entryway with star Christmas decorations
hanging paper black glitter stars
black paper glitter star close up

As a finishing touch to my entryway Christmas decorations, I adorned the front door with a gold bauble wreath from Very which is unfortunately no longer available. However, I’ve sourced a similar *wreath from Ebay.

entryway with gold bauble wreath on door and star hanging decorations

This invites you into our hallway where I’ve continued the star theme on my stair rail garland, along with a gold glitter leaf and faux eucalyptus.

door with gold bauble wreath on leading into hallway with Christmas decorations
close up of gold, grey and black paper stars on stair rail garland
Hallway with Christmas stair rail garland

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