I’m so excited about this new feature on my blog where you can shop home accessories. It’s something I’ve had in my head for a while and was one of my goals for 2019. As a self confessed home accessory addict, I love to browse the internet for gorgeous home decor finds, and if I go out shopping, I always make a beeline for the homeware section in stores. I’m so pleased to now share my top picks with you. It’s almost like I’m your personal shopper, saving you time from having the trawl the internet for interior finds!

You can now shop home accessories on Caradise!

What You Can Expect From My Home Accessories Page

You’ll find the home accessories page on the main menu of Caradise under ‘shop’. It includes some items I have in my home, some that are on my wishlist, and others I just love! One of them is this gorgeous smoked glass vase displayed on my kitchen worktop.

You can now shop home accessories on Caradise!

If you hover over an item, it will give you a description, price, and where it’s from. You then just click on the link and it takes you right to the page where you can purchase the item! Like this stylish faux zebra grass I have on my landing in my DIY copper planter.

You can now shop home accessories on Caradise!

Ongoing Plans For My Home Accessories Page

I’ll be adding more items over time, and updating the page on a regular basis. So to avoid FOMO, come back often to check it out! Make sure you join my e-mail list, and I’ll try to let you know of any updates.

You’ll find this dreamy print and hanging mood lights there from my recent bathroom makeover.

quirky maximalist home decor

I’ve been asked a few times on Instagram about the ‘Love is the Drug’ neon in my hallway, so I’ve of course included this in my home accessories shop!

Quirky maximalist hallway

So what are you waiting for? Shop home accessories now!

You can now shop home accessories on Caradise!

My home accessories page contains affiliate links.

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