Belly baskets are a must-have accessory at the moment and can be used for so many things. You can have fun customising your baskets to suit your style and tie in with your interior design scheme. They are simple to pimp up and will be a unique addition to your home. You just need a few basic items and a bit of time and patience to make your DIY belly basket decorations.

DIY Belly Basket Decorations(I’ve included some affiliate links in this post, shown with an asterisk (*). If you click on them and make a purchase, I get a bit of money in my back pocket, to help towards future creations to share with you on my blog.)

You can buy cheap plain *belly baskets from e-bay. I decorated my belly baskets 3 different ways:-

DIY Belly Basket Tassels (Method 1)

For this you will need:-

  • A Basket
  • Black wool (or any colour of your choice).
  • A CD Case
  • Scissors

First, make your tassels using your wool and CD case by following this tutorial.

Black Yarn Tassels

Next loop them around the handle of your basket.

DIY belly basket decorations

Before I added my tassels, to create more decor, I firstly finished the edge of the basket with blanket stitch, using the same wool and a large needle. You can see a tutorial on how to do blanket stitch here.

DIY belly basket decorations

Then Secondly, I wrapped some wool around the handles of the basket, starting by pushing the wool through a gap with a needle and ending with a stitch.

DIY belly basket decorations

DIY Belly Basket Decorations

Perfect storage for my toilet rolls!

DIY Belly Basket Bathroom Storage

DIY Belly Basket Bathroom Storage


I also added tassels to another one of my baskets in a different way by using *gold faux leather fringing trim. There is a massive range of fringing trim you can buy to create tassels in the same way.

You will need:-

  • Fringing trim
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • Needle and thread

First cut your trim into 10cm wide pieces, times how many tassels you want to make. Then cut some single fringe pieces, and cut them in half. Add a piece of double-sided tape to the band of your trim and peel off the backing. Place one of your cut in half single fringe pieces onto your trim folded in half, as in the picture below.

DIY gold tassels for belly basket

Next fold the band of your trim over the loop, and then roll the band up, keeping it fairly tight.

DIY gold tassels for belly basket

Once you’ve rolled up the tassel, stick some Sellotape over the edge to stop it coming unravelled. I made 14 tassels to go all the way around my large belly basket.

gold tassels for DIY belly basket

Next stitch the tassels around your belly basket. Don’t pull the thread too tight, so the tassels are able to dangle.

DIY gold tassel Belly basket

Now your basket is ready to fill and display in your home.

DIY Gold tassel belly Basket

DIY Pom Pom Belly Basket

Another great way to decorate baskets is with pom poms. This tutorial will show you three different ways to make pom poms. I used the multiple way and got unduly excited with the finished result as it took me right back to making them as a kid (this is the kind of thing we did before iPhones and tablets 😆  ). You can also buy various sized *pom pom makers.

DIY pom poms for belly basket

When making the pom poms leave some length on the thread you tie it together with (as I have in the picture above), so you can use it to attach the pom pom to the basket.

Start sewing a loose stitch through your basket using cotton, not finishing it off, (as shown below) then tie the pom pom tightly into a knot through the thread loop. After you’ve done this, cut the excess length of the wool from your pom pom.

DIY pom pom belly basket

Next, pull the thread through with the needle so the pom pom is pulled up around the edge of your basket, and finish the stitch off.

DIY pom pom belly basket

Carry on attaching your pom poms until they are all the way around the top edge of your basket. I think this is my favourite one. It looks so cute.

DIY pom pom belly basket

I used my pom pom and gold tassel baskets as part of my hallway mini-makeover.

DIY Belly Basket Decorations

DIY Dipped Belly Basket

You can get an effective two-tone ombre look to your belly basket by painting the bottom half. I used a water based paint to give my basket a touch of glam.

Belly Basket and Gold Paint

Simply paint around the lower part of your basket with one or two coats of paint. I used *Plasti-Kote in Brass for a metallic gold effect. As the baskets are neutral, any colour will look fab.

DIY gold painted Belly Basket

Leave to dry and voila – your basket’s ready for use.

DIY gold painted belly basket

Creating your own DIY belly basket decorations will make your baskets beautiful and well as functional.

DIY Belly Basket Tassel Decorations

DIY Belly Basket Decorations



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