Have you noticed like me, how expensive a good quality artificial flower bouquet can be to buy? Don’t get me wrong, there are some gorgeous ones out there but with prices running into the hundreds, they’re not in everyone’s budget. So I’m sharing with you how to create a DIY faux budget flower bouquet.


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I bought the individual artificial stems from Dunelm. I find they always have a good range of realistic looking flowers and foliage at a reasonable price. Below are ones I chose.

Choose A Colour Palette For Your Bouquet

Try to keep your colour palette to two colours, or different shades of the same colour to create a cohesive look. You don’t have to include green as one of your two colours. This is a neutral when it comes to foliage.

Also, keeping it all pastel, or all bright can help with the cohesive look, but there is a license to experiment here.

I chose bright yellow and bright pink for my colour palette, as the bouquet was for my kitchen which is decorated with primary and secondary colour accents. I also added a bit of gold, which I also class as a neutral, as is any metallic.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

Use Odd Numbers Of Stems

Buy your stems in multiples of 1, 3, or 5. Odd numbers will create balance in your bouquet. You can get away with using an even number if the stem is not a single flower and has multiple flowers or a bunch of foliage, but don’t do this for the whole bouquet.

When choosing your stems, put them next to each other in the shop and use your eye to see what looks good together, what looks realistic, and what suits your taste. If you’re ordering online, put pictures of each item next to each other to get a similar feel.

I used 1 yellow Queen Anne Lace flower (unfortunately no longer available).

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

And chose 3 yellow Pincushion Protea. I’m all about unusual and different and thought these fitted the bill perfectly. These are unfortunately no longer available, but I’ve found a similar *banksia stem in pink.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

And 3 pink Ranunculus sprays. Unfortunately no longer available, but I’ve found an alternative Ranunculus spray from Ikea.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

I love *eucalyptus and chose 2 of these, as I didn’t feel that 1 was enough, but 3 might be too much, and as the foliage has multiple stems, I could get away with it.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

I couldn’t resist adding a bit of gold and this gold honesty spray was perfect. I’ve always loved this plant from memories of my nan having some dried in a vase in her living room.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

To finish off I chose a *fern stem.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

To make your bouquet you will also need some wire cutters and wire tie.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

To start off I took the Queen Anne Lace stem and wrapped 2 of the Ranunculus stems around it.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

Arrange Stems At Different Heights

When assembling your bouquet, arrange the stems at different heights to create interest, depth and texture to your bouquet.

Next, I put the 2 Eucalyptus stems to each side, making sure they were higher than the rest of the bouquet, and added the honesty spray to the back.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

I then added the three Pincushion Protea at a lower height, then the third Ranunculus spray.

DIY faux budget flower bouquet

Create A 360 Degree Balance

As you are adding each stem, keep checking the view of the bouquet to ensure it looks good from every side, and the flowers and foliage are spread out evenly. You don’t want clumps of the same flower, or all the interest to be on one side.

To finish I pushed the fern into the middle of the arrangement.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

I then re-checked all around, moving stems and changing the height of stems to suit. When I was happy with it, I laid it on the table and tied some wire tie around the neck of the bouquet. Then I put the bouquet against the vase I was putting them in, to measure what height it needed to be. Using the wire cutters, I cut the end of the stems and put the bouquet in the vase to check it was the right height.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

When I was happy with the height, I added another wire tie tightly around the neck, and displayed the bouquet in my vase.

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

I made my high end looking DIY faux bouquet on a budget of less than £30!

DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet
DIY Faux Budget Flower Bouquet

Flowers and foliage are one of the must haves in your interior design scheme when styling your home. For other ideas, check out my orchid artificial flower arrangement.


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