My plans for the porch makeover have finally come to fruition and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it’s turned out! I must admit I had a few wobbles along the way with the choice of pink paint and the pattern clash of the wallpaper and floor! However, Andy convinced me to stick to my design and said it would all come together in the end. And he was right (well I think so anyway!).

You can see the makeover in progress from start to finish in my Instagram story highlights under ‘Porch Makeover’. Don’t forget to follow me too if you’re not already!

You’ll find links to all of the available accessories I used at the end of the post. I’d also love to hear what you think of my boho porch decor in the comments below.

boho decorated porch with text overlay

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Porch Makeover Colour Scheme

The part of the makeover that took the longest, was painting the doors, windows and frames. I planned to paint them pink and as the main door and window frames are UPVC, I needed a specialist paint. However, this meant my colour choice was limited. I plumped for Rawlins multi-surface paint in blush. After applying two coats of it, and living with it for a week, my gut was telling me the candy pink shade (which you can see in my Instagram story highlights as mentioned above) just wasn’t working in this space. My original plans were for a more peachy pink blush colour. 

I was also having issues finding a coral shade for the shoe cabinet and coat hook shelf that matched my vision. The Graham and Brown ‘Dubai’ colour I chose just didn’t have the depth of hue that I was looking for, so I had to resign myself to the fact that it was back to square one!

Cue, a trip to B&Q and an in-depth scout of the Valspar colour range. I arrived home triumphant with a peachy pink blush called ‘fleecy dreams’, the name of which I am in love with, and a punchy coral shade called ‘samurai fusion’ for the furniture. You can see both of them below.

coral coat hook and peach blush windows in porch.

Andy sprayed the door handle black to contrast with the peachy pink door.

peach blush painted porch door.

With the paint colours now sorted, I could finally get on with the wallpaper hanging. I chose a tropical palm design, and after a few ‘Frank Spencer’ moments along the way, ended up with a pretty professional finish.

palm leaf wallpaper in enclosed front porch.

With the hard part over it was time to style up the room with the gorgeous accessories I’d chosen. My favourite part of a makeover!

Boho Porch Makeover Before & After

This is the porch before the makeover.

porch teal shoe cupboard, peacock design wall art and period floor tiles - before picture.

And here it is now!

front porch quirky boho decor
front porch quirky boho decor

I wanted to create a bright, boho style vibe with a mixture of patterns, textures, colours and cultures to greet guests with a relaxing, fun, chilled out welcome.

And here’s the opposite side before.

porch teal coat hook shelf and bench seat with cushions - before pic.

And after the boho porch decor makeover…

quirky boho entrance porch decor
front porch with quirky boho decor

Porch Makeover Decorated Ceiling

I mentioned in the original plans post of my intention to decorate the ceiling. I painted it in the same shade as the doors and frames, and continued some leaves from the wallpaper up onto it. It makes the porch design cohesive and carries the decor through to the ceiling, including it in the overall look. I’m on a mission to embrace the fifth wall in all of my home decor from now on. Anything but painting it white!

porch coral coat hook shelf with quirky prints and ornaments and a painted, embellished ceiling

I also ended up with a little 3D leaf action going on too, which I love. This was a happy accident after I stuck part of a leaf to the ceiling and left the rest hanging against the wall, intending to cut it off. Andy saw it and said it looked effective, thinking I’d done it on purpose. So I decided to style up the look and took it a step further by tucking the corners of my pictures behind them.

shelf with vase and artificial plant next to an art print.

I also added some ceramic origami style birds to fly across the ceiling.

painted porch ceiling with leaf decor and flying bird ornaments.

Boho Porch Makeover Accessories

As I already had two prominent colours, I chose a muted colour palette for all of the accessories. The meditating giraffe was a nod to my yoga practice and added some fun to the scheme.

meditating giraffe ornament, marbled vase and plant, gold buddha hand on side.

I bought the fabulous print a while back as I’d had my eye on it for ages and was worried it would sell out.

The ‘hello’ wall light was an apt welcome for the entrance to my home and the on-trend African bowl wall hangings were a steal compared to similar ones you can buy.

entrance porch with quirky boho decor.
palm wallpaper and peach painted ceiling with LED hello sign and African bowl wall hangings.

My love of gold has obviously spilled into this room and it is a neutral after all! The reflective metallic splashes add a touch of luxury, glam and warmth.

Porch side with ornaments and silhouette art print.

I used a mixture of textures and heights in the styling to create contrast and interest to my quirky porch design.

Remember not to neglect your floor space. I included mine in the styling of the room by adding an XO print and a bamboo fairy-lit lantern. 

Coral cupboard next to XO art print and bamboo lantern in porch.

Another essential in any room makeover is plants of course! I added a combination of real and faux. I’ve got a thing for trailing plants at the moment and chose this ‘Satin Pothos Trebie’ to adorn my hanging planter.

palm wallpaper with art print, African bowl wall hangings, hello sign and hanging planter.

With regards to the practical and functional design of a porch, I’d pretty much already covered that in our original renovation, providing storage, seating, a place for shoes and coats, and a durable floor choice. The only extra thing I added with regards to this was an umbrella holder.

porch with umbrella stand, bench, pink star cushion and red shoes with palm leaf wallpaper.

To change up the bench, I painted it gold and topped it with a black fur throw, pink star cushion, and a DIY pompom embellished cushion.

porch coat and bag hanging with just be happy sign, and pom pom and pink star cushions in front of a palm leaf wallpaper.

To style the coat shelf, I propped a couple of pictures on it, and added some faux plants, a cool stone effect fist and a glass cactus vase filled with fairy lights.

coral porch coat hook shelf with quirky art print, vase and plants below a blush and palm leaf decorated ceiling.
porch shelf with quirky ornaments, vase and art prints and a decorated ceiling above.

Shop My Boho Porch Decor Accessories

Front porch with quirky boho decor and numbered accessory items.

1. Gold plant pot  2. Satin Pothos Trebie trailing plant  3. *Macrame plant hanger  4. Hello LED sign (no longer available).  5. Woven wall hanging bowls (no longer available).  6. Silhouette art prints (no longer available).   7. *Artificial string of pearls  8. *Gold hand tea light holder  9. Gold plant pot on pedestal  10. Banana leaf wallpaper 11. Bamboo lantern (alternative). 12. *XO Print

Front porch with quirky boho decor with accessory items numbered.

13. *Artificial string of pearls 14. Creole queen art print – no longer available 15. Artificial staghorn fern 16. *In my mind my dreams are real print (alternative). 17. Stone effect fist ornament (no longer available). 18. Just be happy sign – no longer available. 19. Pink star cushion 20. *Umbrella stand

I’ll be moving on to decorating my downstairs toilet next (update – it’s finished! Here are the plans and the toilet makeover). Follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with all my behind the scene decor antics, and sign up to my e-mail list so you never miss a blog post!



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